Homeland Security over GPS & Maps & Traffic Software

There are a lot of great software’s that helps people to find their ways all around the world. You can either use a map to find your destination in a city or drive to south of France from Madrid.

When it comes to traffic, the algorithm becomes a bit complicated. Software needs live traffic and accident data to make the best suggestions. To have the most accurate results, software’s needed more people and cars to use it. It is very common to use the carrier vehicles as a data-point to collect instant data.

But don’t you think that we are not fully exploiting the data we are collecting?

What if we use government vehicles that belong to different departments including buses, trains, motorcycles, and tramways to not only public safety but also the homeland security?

What if we use private sector vehicles including personal cars, taxies, and bikes to connect the city?
Connecting Field Worker for Public Safety is an important area which covers highly valuable hours of work. What about adding one more layer to this to create sustainable project/deliverable?

Search, Find, Share

While getting information from the GPS and drawing the traffic on the maps, it is also possible to search a person who is missing or who is dangerous and who is in the global terrorist search list. It is also possible to find even plastic bombs. With a small device that can be assembled to a car internally or externally (i.e. next to license place) governments start to have live data from the streets.

The information collected would then be transferred to the field workers to search or interfere if necessary.

Move the ball

With this approach, field workers do not need to move all the time, but the data moves.

And how do you as a citizen contribute this approach? How would you be a part of data collection process?

Please, feel free to comment or share your thoughts.