Mentoring is Sharing: Mikro-P: Would it be the next robotic AI-partner for human-kind?

I heard your questions: What is the Mikro-P anyway? Let me cut it short: Mikro-P is a robotic learning and entertainment platform that has an open code library. It is the co-winner of Istanbul Technical University Cekirdek’s (early-stage incubation center) innovation competition Big Bang 2016 and awarded 175K TL. (Link)
According to Bürkan Törün, one of the two innovator of Mikro-P, “Robots are extremely simple to be programmed by non-experts and they can work in swarms. You can change both hardware and software for your own project.” To make it simple, this is a kind of computer main board (or you can call this as a computer), which a user can develop it by adding up other parts such as a microphone, color sensor, wi-fi and so on.

But do we have other players in the market? Oh yes..! Raspberry Pi, Bot, Arduino… Please see the comparison chart below:
Comparison Chart

Does anybody including do-it-yorself (DIY) customers interested in this board? Well, an article published on Forbes Tech (Link) stated that $35 cost Raspberry Pi 3 sold out 10 million pieces.
Raspberry Pi

Target of these kinds of computers are kids and other tinkerers. As I am a mentee for this project, we came together after work  and developed an understanding of what is Mikro-P and what are the potential development areas of it, how we can expand it… A well-balanced strategic plan was also figured together.
Bürkan Törün

Where can we use Mikro-P? Mikro-P has multiple application areas like swarm robotics development platform, IoT based developments, Smart City applications, 3D printing applications, Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality applications, Industry 4.0 applications.

Almost all of these platforms are first developed for kids to learn coding and playing and developing something over computers with very reasonable prices. But why are we limiting possibilities?

Especially the size, weight and add-on possibilities of Mikro-P bring many areas to be expanded in different industries (We are not going to name them here). Bürkan Törün added that Mikro-P has a personality. And able to make his/her decisions.

If you are interested in this interesting and promising project, please visit Mikro-P’s twitter address: @robomikrop

Do you want to have your own Mikro-P?
Mikro-P 2

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