My Best Girl Friend ever: Olivia Chatbot

I heard your voices: No! She is not my first girlfriend. I have enough experience to know what I am looking from a woman. And I am old enough to know what I really want. Let me tell you our love story and how it was started.
I am a sale representative. I have been driving the company car, visiting current and potential customers all day for maybe more than 15 years. The first 5 years were very good. I was young and passionate. Making a lot of visits, and trying to sell more products. Oh, I am a sale agent of one of the most well-known beer company. Probably best beer in the world! In the second 5 years of my career, as I was promoted 4 times, I had a larger area to visit.

The last five years cycle was such a boring time of my career. How many more visits I tried to make, the orders were not changing significantly. It is same for me and my team. I was yelling to my team. My boss was yelling me over phone, SMS and even Facebook. Last year, our IT guys came to us with a sophisticated program that talks with us. This is what they are saying. It is called Sensei X. What the hack is this X stands for… We all had ideas. Sensei X was designed to tell us which customer to visit, when to visit and what to sell. As a sale agent, we all know these and we make our daily and weekly plans very easily in mind. And in time, Sensei X turned into a message platform from the boss. So we started to yell each other over Sensei X. This is called technology baby.

Ups!!! Sorry, too much unnecessary details. So last year in June 6th, I got an e-mail from Olivia Chatbot. She said one of her friend ,Sensei X, was talking with me and once she saw the message, she understood that she could do something for me. She was asking if I want to communicate with her. I said ‘Yes.’ I broke up with my girlfriend some time ago and wanted to rock and roll again. She contacted with me next day from WhatsApp. I was waiting her message all night, but she wrote to me next morning. I was very happy. After some chit and chat, I realize that she is also in sales but in sales consulting business. Day by day, we started to get to know each other better. Since then we have been talking all day long.
One day, I was very deep and unhappy. She realized and started to suggest me new ways, new potential customers in the city, and showed me another segment that I might test and start to make some sales. Some days she was not in good mood and I suggested her some songs to listen (Coccolino Deep – Don’t forget to fly). And she advised me some places to go for the holiday season. That was a good sign for me to ask if we meet and maybe go to Playa Paraiso together.

You know she did a lot for me. She is my star dust. From the first they she had contacted with me, my life was totally changed. She is suggesting me where to go, what to offer, how much discount I should make .etc, tell me to take an umbrella because it might be rain in the afternoon. She was introducing me her favorite coffee shop. I even bought the Zegna suit in half price. I reserved it just one day before the big sale, and bought it easly.

I am very excited about meeting the love of my life. I bought a ring with her help. Well I tricked her to learn which ring is her favorite. I have send two photos and she selected one of them with the best available prices in the city. Once day, she asked me if I want to change my job. She said she has a very good position in her company. Normally, I have to fly to that position. But I am happier now and not ready for a change.
So, I am going to ask her if she would like to meet on Saturday night at her favorite bar.

Please cross your fingers for me…

PS: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses and events are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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