Collective Thinking – Collective Working (2.2)

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Not finding your best solution, but searching for the best solution

In the collective thinking model, we take people from their comfort zones and asking them to develop their knowledge and skills for other roles. How do they do that? The team is a perfect source of knowledge and experience. Then departmental visits and necessary trainings would contribute them to have good combination of viewpoints.

Determine every stage and transform

I had some objectives at first sight that this kind of model is only suitable for either external consultancy companies or internet based works. But it has a very limited potential in the big corporations. It is much appreciated to have objections.

I sometimes give as an example of Apple case and how their revenues and profit margin reached and passed old Microsoft just in 10 years: Think different, dream tomorrow. If let’s put away the transformation of Walkman into an IPod , standard-mobile phone to a smart-phone and the product positioning campaigns. We have seen how the organizational and process changes develop an industry and customer habits.

Let’s take a look at the negative side. Sony, that announced a %9.6 decline in its revenues at the 2012Q1 and a record loss of $5,6 bl. Panasonic that announced a $8.6 bl loss at 20121H. These two companies were the pioneer of music and mobile-phone industry respectively. It can be seen that even the pioneering companies if not adapted to the new developments and transformations, could lose its market positions, shareholders and even stakeholders’ support.

Nokia’s story is not very different from the above. According to Strategy Analytics report, Samsung sold our 27.8 million phones in the 20113Q. The second competitor is Apple with 17.1 million phones sale. In the same period Nokia sold only 16.8 million smart-phones. The rest of the producers sold around 55.3 million devices.

When global giants resist adapting the changes, not only with their products, but also not changing the eco-system and not listening their employees failed. Do you have an idea how much will it cost to Turkish companies of not adapting and transforming their companies to the future, and preparing their employees to the next big think internally?


Change? State of art?

How companies currently respond the bad financial results? In general, if sales drop down a couple of periods, head of sales should find a new job as soon as possible so that the company rid of the reason of the negative results. If a factory is closed, we deploy the teams so that the company will not have a person to remember and tell the unsuccessful stories. When somebody is talked about the amendment possibilities, the company found these sorts of people dangerous and hard to control. If the company believes they cannot control the person, in other words an active thinker, they try to take the person out of the system with many different ways including mobbing.


The top executives and company owners are the ones who claim to the collective transformation. The human resource (HR) departments are the facilitators. A successful collective transformation could be done by HR via:


  1. Revise the organizational structure
  2. Develop Collective Working test group in departments and joint them actively
  3. Give feedback
  4. Test the model with people from other cross-departments
  5. Give duties to group members out of their specialized areas with the coordination of departments heads
  6. Let them play out of their comfort zones. Accept any fail if any
  7. Provide suitable environments to remove the titles among group members
  8. Let the group play, not managers
  9. Increase leadership
  10. Let them learn from each other


“There is nothing permanent except change”, Heraclitus

Because of that, as a company you will need to make a decision for tomorrow, today. If you haven’t prepared your controlled variables (human resources, operational expenses, profits) to the future, the uncontrolled variables will form and digest you as of today!


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