Intercorporate Entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship)

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I am sure that you have told yourself “I wish I had an opportunity to tell my ideas to someone” so many times. Or you might have bewailed like “I have a great idea, but who would listen to me”…

Even though we are not among the advanced countries in terms of innovation yet, we see many successful Turkish entrepreneurs and innovators both at homeland and abroad in an individual point of view.

An independent cinema broadcast developed by Efe Çakarel while sitting in a cafe in Japan, Mubi is one of the successful examples abroad and now shows about 300 thousand movies a month online to more than 7 million members in 177 countries. I also want to give as an example a very successful story that was communicated to Ino-Port, the innovation platform of our group. In the project developed by ADEL, one of our companies, they enabled processing of both surfaces of the tree piece used in raw pencil production, and facilitated the movement of piece on the line. Therefore, our raw pencil production capacity increased by 20% while the rate of waste reduced by 40%.

I think what matters here is to make innovation and entrepreneurship a part of our corporate culture and a sustainable activity. Innovative thinking, actually, is a critical point of view that seeks a better solution as an alternative to the available situation. Innovation is an inborn talent as well as a characteristic that can be learned and improved.

Studies show that innovative thinking and intercorporate entrepreneurship will gain more importance. If we want to be employees that create a difference and are preferred, we must spend more time on creative thinking, taking risks and creating a difference.

Anadolu Group and Ino-Port

The understanding of intercorporate entrepreneurship led to the realization of Ino-Port. Ino-Port is an idea and project platform that works on the Internet and is designed as open to ideas and projects that are innovative, creative, different and believed to bring in money and created by all personnel and shareholders that are within the Anadolu Group and its companies as well as any resources outside our companies such as students, individual and corporate investors, entrepreneurs.

The aim of Ino-Port is to enable formation of a corporate culture that can innovate constantly and spontaneously, creation of a work environment where innovative-creative ideas and projects produced, evaluated and conducted, development and performance of innovation projects aimed at developing  products, services and processes that can contribute in sustainable profitability of our companies.

Do not forget that “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein



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