The Role of a Brilliant HR: FIND the BEST candidate and NOT to DEGRADE the job TITLE

I read an article about how do the human resources departments and HR search companies miss the right and skilled candidates. The author, Prof. Turker Bas, mentioned that the HR system in Turkey is designed for basic skilled employees; the role’s details are taken from foreign announcements and not necessarily represent the real needs; the selections are based on the information on the resumes only, the criteria’s are not flexible and not ready to catch the differences.

He also mentioned that even though the standard exams help them to reduce some risk of math skills and language proficiencies, the evaluation is generally based on the evaluator’s very first impression and the rest of the interview is used to confirm his/her decision. The article could be summarized that according to Mr. Bas, the chronicle mistakes of the recruitment processes in Turkey, makes it difficult to meet the best candidates with the companies. As he did, I will also stick to the recruitment responsibility of the HR topic and look after internal responsibilities such as operation management, pay roll system etc.

A decade ago, I am sure many of you would accept that, human resource programs in Turkish university education system are not very popular and reputable. HR programs’ score are very low and many students write down the programs to their selection list not to be left open. Unfortunately the majority of the student’s reason is like that! The rest who selected the program consciously try to develop the HR function and give its important positions in the companies. Just within a decade, the need of a good HR skill increased very fast and companies started to search best recruiters for the best candidates.

Be more than a simple clerk for your company

I believe the right working HR function is the key success of a company’s future growth. Companies still need wheel and people who will turn the wheels but they need, more than a “clerk”, people who develop the company with innovation, attitude, different skills, vision and ideas. Coca-Cola needs creative high potential people in their organization. Unilever needs the same. Even HSBC, a financial institution, need the same think: Different people with different skills.

Lucky companies transform their employees what they are looking for with the educational programs. However most of them are not that lucky and start to search high potential not prototype candidates who has an added value or experience in different fields.

Diversification: Develop your skill set in different areas of work

As the future’s customers are using different platforms for one service, and searching, listening and talking with different people and companies before making a go-go decision your employees should be the same as your customers. Today’s and tomorrow’s business world does not need experts only about one function, know very well about what they are responsible for, but have very limited information and knowledge about other functions and/or roles in the company.

The new generations are pushing the limits further. They are in every social platform and do not afraid to have an idea, or to say “don’t know”. The best companies should transform their human resources into a “multi-functional” + “multi-directional” + “multi-disciplinary” types.

Do not afraid to be a disruptive corporate citizen

It is time to be different. Do not afraid to show your skills, share your ideas with your superiors, and do not afraid to be “a little bit different” then the others.

Today, companies feel that they really need more high potential people who have experience in different sectors with different levels. Tomorrow, they will recruit and promote high potentials to the top C-levels in their organizations.

Being fair to a high-potential candidate

Many of the recruiters prefer to reduce the job title especially when they are hiring a best match to their company from another sector. They are willing to hire better candidates for -1 level lower position. The reason behind of this mistake is often said that “We do not know the candidate %100. Our company is different. This is the only position we could offer.”

Don’t pay less or lower the title just because they are from different sector

In my high understanding, if a high-potential candidate is willing to work in my company, I want to give him/her the best package to challenge me, the team and the company. I like to work with people who have experience in different sector; because I believe they will have more value, knowledge, experience and vision in their toolbox. Creativity and better solutions comes from this diversification.

Final advice: Hire a high-potential who has different skill set as a manager, not as a senior, just because you are not sure if he/she will be as good as in his/her current company. Give a chance to your company and to the hi-po and enjoy the first class travel to your corporate targets.


Prof. Turker Bas’s article :

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