Challenge the status-quo

I was surfing on the net a couple of days ago and I came across a job bulletin in development and consultancy sector. Under knowledge and skill requirements header, this matter took my attention:

  • Attitude that focuses on solving problems and challenging the status-quo

Solving problem is what we all want, so I passed that part, but when I’ve read the second part, I am actually a bit shocked.

There is a company that is looking for someone to challenge the status-quo. The company is an international company, but the job location is in Turkey. So I am not sure, if they know what they are looking for after two-digit years’ experience in the market, but that is a very big an important step for human resource divisions for the company.

Challenge the status-quo” approach is the next big thing for companies. Not only the Turkish economy, but the world economy needs this kind of out of the box skilled thinkers who have courage to talk about the organizations louder.

But does the companies ready for this change?

In most situations, when an employee finds a bottle-neck about the organization, structure, modeling of the business or any minor points, it is no welcomed by the superiors. Because talking about problems and finding/offering solutions are not on their direct job plan.

Also if the company does not have a corporate history or best-practice of paying attention to its employees’ arguments and thoughts, those kinds of people are seen weird and out of order prototypes.

Long story short; be prepare yourself for the status-quo challengers!

And my question to you is: Are you sure you are not a status-quo challenger? Why? Why not?

Please, feel free to comment or share your thoughts.