What is better? HQ Based Business Development Expertise and/or Operational Based Business Development Expertise

Strategy& Development

When you take a closer look to the mid to top level managers/directors of many well-known companies, you will see that they have been working for the same companies for years. If you look at their expertise and best knowledge, you will easily figure out that, they have been working for the same type of role for the same or close company and its sub-companies which have almost the same dynamics.

When it is time to be promoted to top level roles, the scope of responsibilities are expanding inherently. Suddenly, what you have known moves down to the second tier. But adaption and developing new muscles are moved up to the first tier.

After having the same kind of managerial role for years, and using the same methodology to control the risks/gain, it would be difficult to make a self-assessment. Some people called this work-blindness.

The need of visionary thinking, being creative, seeing the unseen skills, following up-to-date knowledge, willing to develop is not only a need for an intern. Time to forget your “corporate ego”! And start to be an intern manager! Or better an intern leader!

If this is difficult for you and you would like to develop your career to better positions or companies, employ these talented people no matter how old they are. Your “ying-yang management” could be the key factor for your future decisions. Otherwise, you will need to be happy with same type of people like you are, and get always the same type of risk (I mean no risk at all!) and have always the same type of decisions. If you have the ying-yang but do not want to adapt, your days but not only weekdays, would become a nightmare for you because of different mission and vision of your team members.

Every problem has a solution for sure. Work with the same kind of colleagues who is very similar to you and your skills. But at this point, whose manager are you going to be? Going to be you and your twins? Or going to be a colorful rainbows’?

We have seen these types of managers/directors who prefer to work with people who are like them at HQ’s very often. These models have limited or not enough experience in the field and no or limited operational experience. I am not counting short-term (1-3 years) top-level experiences. Even though they have operational experience, they prefer to be the same kind business person as they are for the last 5 or 10 years.

Helpful hint to you: Life is not limited with crunching numbers and making presentations. The real battle is at the combination of HQ and operational outlook. If you do not play the game from HQ with this rule, you will be very much surprised about the outcome day after day: The “best familiar” results.

In a dynamic business environment, it is better to have different colors in your team and give equal opportunity to them with your models. The quality and success to the team comes from colors.

On the other hand, professionals who have had their own business and know what is risk, gain/loss would have great impact on teams. They educate the team and help them to think as the owner of the project they are doing. They help team to own the business.

If you would like to work with talented people and use their energy and knowledge, give equal opportunities to everyone in your team and be fair when it comes to diversify the work and measuring the performances.

This is the only way that you could not only advance your career but also your team.

If you would like to work with people who think exactly like you, add no significant contribution to the business, find more of them and surround yourself with them. You will love to come to work every day and able to boost your ego. You can easily protect your current job and keep the company at the same level.

But, you cannot develop anybody including you. And no one’s company as well.

Who do you want to be tomorrow? Yourself?

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