Management Consultants for SMEs


Why the “management consulting” service well-known with its big 5 players? And why these type of services are so expensive for small and medium enterprises (SME) and start-ups?

Yet, there is very limited number of companies such as Fiducia, Amosca and Victory International Associates; it is obvious that growth is the trigger of development. And growth of a business would come from either re-structuring or innovation.

What and how can be done? And can it be done?

The management consultancy services could be listed, but not limited to, as below:


  • Core Competencies and Synergy,
  • Restructuring and Transformational Management,
  • Systems Development and Tracking
  • Innovation and R&D
  • Sustainability& Growth


The cost of the service varies from company to company but also type of work to be done and the time allocated for the project. Min. costs start from $ 100K to a couple of millions for complex projects. Size matters here.

Nonetheless the methodology used to evaluate the business and offering a solution is almost the same for every consultancy company:


  • Global outlook and nature of the business
  • Global competitive environment
  • SWOT or similar techniques
  • Local outlook and nature of the business
  • Local competitive environment
  • Feasibility studies and valuation
  • Presentations

So far, this is a good business segment where you can create a value with a small team. The pleasure of managing the change and helping a company to be better than ever… is priceless…


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