Organization of Innovation in Corporate Structures (closed innovation model)


In these days where we will be celebrating  Turkish Innovation Week (November 28-29-30, 2013), it appears that innovation either has been on the agenda of many large companies for quite a long time or is beginning to slowly extend its place occupied within their agendas.

Many companies such as Anadolu Group, Eczacibasi Holding, Akbank, 3M acknowledge that the generator of growth is innovation. Each passing day, such companies try brand-new models in order to collect ideas and projects from their employees whom they consider the resource of innovation. For example, while Eczacibasi Holding collects and puts into practice the ideas of its employees and create revenue by means of a system called “inocino”, Anadolu Group makes its entire companies a part of the innovation process by means of a system operating over internet called “ino-port” which includes its companies in full.

How Should the Innovation Model Be?

There are many criteria which are required to be taken into consideration by medium and large-scale companies during the collection of ideas and projects from their employees. A successful model that will work is required to provide the following:

–          Individually reach the white-collar and blue-collar employees

–          Performance of  effective promotion, publicity and reminder works

–          Receiving the support of senior manager

–          Moderated by persons working over the internet who play the innovation role.

It is required in a system where all procedures shall be operated online that non of the procedures exceed 5 minutes from the idea / projects sending stage to the evaluation stage and from the announcement of results to the follow-up stage. All kinds of models that will place a burden on the existing work loads must be avoided.


What are the Liabilities of Companies?

–          Senior management’s support at every stage

–          Performance of evaluations by “Innovation Teams” consisting of employees coming from different fields of expertise at different levels

–          Complying with the specified timed constraints in order to complete the evaluations

–          Transforming innovation into corporate culture by establishing constant communication with the employees

–          Seeking the “innovation champions” within the companies and providing that they take responsibilities

–          Clearly specifying to the parties the liabilities that will arise from the idea / project by a contract


What are the Liabilities of Employees?

–          Sharing creative, innovative and / or difference-making ideas and projects

–          Not sharing already applied ideas of others

–          Trying to look differently to their daily tasks

It must be remembered that creative thinking and creativity is a process which can be learned. Maybe only three out of every 100 project will be put into practice and again, maybe only one of them will succeed.

Innovation is not an implementation carried out in order to provide the employees to spend time but an instrument which encourages them to look at their jobs and lives more differently and create projects that will make a difference.

You may find, or be employees who are capable of performing any job and who can provide the continuity of the system and trouble-free turning of wheels. However, it shall not be that simple to find or become such individuals who add value to where they are and what they do, who have concerns which will contribute to their company and employees and who are creative and innovative, entrepreneur with the leadership spirit.

We wish that companies appreciate such employees and provide suitable working environments for them; so that they can lead a change before corporate-slaves remove them from their teams and let them escape from the company.

Opening an Incubation center and innovation department in companies must be referred carefully.

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