Organization of Innovation in Corporate Structures (open innovation model)


Innovation Cube for Innovation with Common Sense

In our previous article, we have mentioned a platform where the companies collected the ideas and projects required to perform innovations from their employees only.

In this article, we will talk about how out-of-company ideas and projects may also be valuable and what kind of paths can be followed in order to utilize such.

What are the out-of-company sources from which ideas can be collected?

  • Other enterprises
  • Private Equity Companies
  • Consultancy Companies
  • Business Angel Networks (BAN)
  • Students (secondary school, high school, university, etc.)
  • Other resources

Online systems where ideas and projects will be collected shall be considerably valid and useful. What we consider significant in such structure is the great importance of the creation of a platform where idea owners, investors and idea teams can come together.

The most significant feature of such structuring is enabling all stakeholders within the project to come together and contribute to the idea and project by “common sense”.

An online-operating forum model where all stakeholders can come together will provide assurance too the members of the system as well as providing the management of all ideas and projects in Turkey through a single channel. In the second stage, such platform shall provide globalization and  enable the presentation of many national ideas in the international arenas and find investors by resorting to partnerships with their stakeholders.

The next stage shall be the establishment of incubation centers. Such centers shall be required in various developed cities of the country for convening and working of idea and project owners and their receiving complimentary support.

Local organizations can be consolidated  with the “Innovation federation” motto and thus, it shall be possible to fully establish the framework of the structure.

It shall also be possible to establish a foundation within such organization and improve the role of the federation within many projects and enable the federation to invest in projects.

Neither specific companies nor persons must have monopoly on innovation. It is much more important and valuable for Turkey who ranks second after Lithuania in the European Innovation Report to do something.


The Bridge between the Individual and Corporate Innovation Representatives

n  In order to have a role that has a say in the innovation works which have begun to develop rapidly as of today, it is required to connect all individual and corporate resources from which ideas / projects can be received and bring them together over a platform under the management of AG.

n  Out-of-group opportunities are not only limited to Turkey and the geography it is situated in but must be designed in order to also include any point in the globalized world.

Individual Innovation Representatives

–      Students

–      Entrepreneurs

–      Start-up company owners

–      Seed capital seekers

Corporate Innovation Representatives

–      Business Angels and their Unions

–      Universities

–      Entrepreneurs

–      Investors

–      Private Equity Companies

–      Other Corporate Organizations

Innovation Portal and Incubation Center

Association / Federation

Establishment of AG Private Equity 

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